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A child that learns to channel their effort and energy toward a focused goal will have greater success in school, sport and life.

We strive to support and foster children's' enthusiasm for physical activity through a recreational team gymnastics. We have a world class coaching staff of professionals devoted to teaching children. We offer  a program that can handle your gymnast needs. We bring the fun back into gymnastic by providing a positive experience. 



We began in 2009 from the inspiration  small warehouse with 30 students. Over 12  years later we have developed one of the most respected gymnastics programs in our area Grew up in Las Vegas. 17 years medical massage therapist and wellness coach,  yoga certified as well as corrective fitness certified. Loving gymnastic and having a passion for our youth I open up Backus Performance now know as Ripon Gymnastics Club. Voted most loved gymnastics facility 3 years in row.


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