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Lets Glow
Yoga and Meditation
7 + years Workshop

Class Times

Friday 7:00 -8:30PM

Glow In The Dark


Book Your Glow

12 Per Class 

Need a Yogi Mat to Paint on ? No Problem $10 Per Yogi Mat


Glow and Heal

Certainly! A children's glow in the dark yoga class with meditation and glow in the dark painting is a fun and unique way for kids to explore creativity and mindfulness. In this class, the instructor will lead the children through a series of yoga poses and breathing exercises to help them relax and focus, incorporating elements of play and creativity to keep them engaged. After the yoga and meditation portion of the class, the kids will have the opportunity to create their own glow in the dark yoga mat  using special glow in the dark paints. The instructor will guide the children through the painting process, helping them to create bright and colorful works of art that will glow in the dark. Overall, this type of class is a great way for kids to have fun and express themselves while learning about yoga, meditation, and creativity.

This channel is coming soon!
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