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Fashion Designs

Through art and technology our homeschool students gain powerful, highly valued skillsets for the modern, creative world. 

Our homeschool students learn how to use a professional sewing machine, read commercial patterns, and to create their own clothes. Students gain valuable technical knowledge working with modern sewing machines, plus challenge their minds learning how to engineer 2-dimensional fabric into 3-dimensional clothing.

We open enrollment for sewing only four times a year. We do this so we can give undivided attention to new students. This helps smooth out the learning curve and they can accelerate faster!


Sewing Workshops

Students will learn:

  • How to Operate a Sewing Machine

  • How to Lay Out Fabric and Cut Out Pattern Pieces

  • How to Properly Use Pins and Clips

  • How to Finish Projects Professionally

What’s included:

  • A dedicated sewing machine for each student

  • All fabric, thread, zippers, buttons, yarn, and more

  • Every tool including scissors, rulers, pins, seam guide, tailor’s chalk, iron and more

  • A binder with patterns and instructions that each student can keep and take home

  • Designated storage space to keep supplies and projects for each student

There are no additional materials fees or registration fees. Everything is included in the monthly tuition payment!

Your child will learn how to use a professional sewing machine, read a commercial pattern, and create their own clothes!

Please keep in mind new students begin during the first week of the month. For example, if you register in the middle of the month, the first class won’t begin until the first week of the following month.

Create A 

Whimsical, Artsy Doll Art Utopia HQ

Hand Made Dolls 

Stitch My Stitch With Love and Grace these beauties are created. 

"Welcome to the land of hand sewn dolls, where each and every one is a unique creation, crafted with love and care by skilled artisans. These enchanting dolls are made from the finest fabrics and trimmings, and each one is imbued with a sense of magic and wonder. From charming princesses and gallant knights, to playful kittens and mischievous monkeys, there is a hand sewn doll for every child's imagination. So come and explore this wondrous world of handmade dolls, and take home a little piece of magic today."


Your Investment

$75 Per Guest  ( 4 Min and 8 max)

6 hour Party

Student will pick a project to work on at the beginning of each semester. All supplies are included

From Artsy Dolls to Fashion Design. Find your joy in Sewing Utopia. 

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