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Enchanted Fairy Workshop

Escape Into the world of Unicorns, Fairy’s and Dragons. Learn about mythical creatures that will take your imagination to a faraway place full of beauty and grace.  

The enchanted fairy workshop is a magical event for children that includes a variety of activities inspired by the world of fairies. It typically takes place in a beautiful indoor or outdoor setting, decorated with flowers, trees, and other elements of nature.

At the workshop, children have the opportunity to dress up in fairy costumes and have their photo taken by a professional photographer. They can then participate in a painting activity, where they can create their own fairy-themed artwork using a variety of materials such as paint, glitter, and feathers.

After the painting activity, there is usually a story time, where a storyteller reads a tale about fairies or other magical creatures. The children are encouraged to use their imagination and participate in the story by acting out the different characters.

Overall, the enchanted fairy workshop is a fun and interactive experience that allows children to tap into their creativity and imagination, while also learning about the magic of fairies and other mythical beings. 


Take An Adventure

Into a land full of Enchanted stories and wonderful hidden surprises as your journey into the world of the unknown. 

Fairy Wonderland Workshop

Pricing & Breakdown

$40 / Per Fairy Adventurer
Each Workshop will have enchanted hidden surprise. Stories, Paint Wings, Craft Headpiece 

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Image by Anthony Tran
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