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RGC Gymnastics is a premier gymnastics facility dedicated to nurturing and developing talented athletes in the sport of gymnastics. Our competitive team is a distinguished group of dedicated gymnasts who strive for excellence in both skill and sportsmanship.

About Us: At RGC Gymnastics, we believe in providing a supportive and empowering environment for our competitive team members. Our experienced coaches are committed to helping each athlete reach their full potential and achieve their goals. We focus on developing strong fundamentals, building technical proficiency, and fostering mental resilience.

Our competitive team consists of gymnasts of various ages and skill levels, ranging from beginners to advanced athletes. We provide comprehensive training programs that cater to the individual needs and aspirations of each gymnast. From honing basic skills to mastering advanced routines, our team members receive personalized attention and guidance to enhance their abilities.

We prioritize the holistic development of our gymnasts, emphasizing physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and agility. Additionally, we foster a positive team atmosphere where athletes support and encourage one another, creating lifelong friendships and a sense of camaraderie.

Competitions are an integral part of our program, allowing our gymnasts to showcase their skills and dedication. We participate in local, regional, and national events, giving our athletes opportunities to compete at different levels and gain valuable experience in a competitive setting. Our team members have achieved remarkable success and have even earned recognition at prestigious competitions.

RGC Gymnastics also places great importance on fostering a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We provide education on nutrition, injury prevention, and the importance of rest and recovery. Our aim is to develop well-rounded athletes who excel not only in gymnastics but also in their overall well-being.

Whether your child dreams of reaching the highest levels of gymnastics or simply wants to enjoy the sport at a competitive level, RGC Gymnastics' competitive team is here to support their journey. We are passionate about helping gymnasts develop life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and self-confidence that extend beyond the gymnasium.

Join RG Gymnastics' competitive team today and experience the thrill of gymnastics while realizing your full potential!


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Class Schedule 

NGA Gymnastics Team Class Schedule

NGA Team $150 Two days a week

Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-7PM

NGA Team $200   Two days a week

Monday / Wednesday 6-8 PM

Tuesday / Thursday 6-8 PM

Your Investment

Tuition is based upon an average of 3 classes per month throughout the school year 
You are not charged extra for months with 4 or 5 classes.  Likewise, tuition is not prorated for any month that have holidays. Tuition remains the same each month

Comp Fees 2023 -2024 Season 

Returning Gymnasts: $1170

Comp Fees include Uniforms, Meet Fees, Coaching Fees

If returning members need shorts and a jacket this season you will nee to pay the New Members Pricing 

$1170 ( August 15th $234, September 15th $234 October $234 November $234 December 15 $234) 

NGA Fee $40 Due oct 15th

New Team Members $1270

Comp Fees include Uniforms, Meet Fees, Coaching Fees

$1270 ( August 15th $254, September 15th $254 October $254 November $254 December 15 $254) 

NGA Fee $40 Due oct 15th

TEAM SPIRIT WEAR Team Hoodies with custom logo $55

Not required. Optional 

Comps are one day. However please plan for both day. We do not know what day are what levels till the comps get close. We have had incidents where they have changed us the day before. 

Please plan for both weekend days. 

YOU WILL PICK 3 MEETS from The List Below

Jan 27/28 2024 Bay Aerials Red Heart 10.0 Inv (Freemont ca)

Feb 3/4, 2024 Surf Classic  Ohana (Santa Cruz)

Feb 24/25 Cal Sports Center Silicon Valley Invite (San Clara)

March 9/10  2024  Ultimate Sports Spirit of the Flame. (Concord)

Comp fees do not include state championships. State championships will be an additional fee for those who qualify and decide to participate. Prices to be determined..

April 27/27  Hosting Gym and Location TBD State Meet 

Gymnast must go to 3 meets to qualify for the state meet for 2024 season moving forward. 

Competition Fees:

Competition fees are made up of meet entry fees, coaches’ travel, expenses, session pay, and any other costs associated with competing for the season. The total cost for the season is estimated and divided among competing gymnasts to come up with a flat-rate fee for each gymnast. Coaches’ fees will not be itemized, are not tied to any one specific meet, and are non-refundable. The amount will vary each year depending on the projected yearly meet season budget and the number of total kids competing.

State, Regional, and National entry fees/coaching expenses and additional off- season meets are not likely to be covered by these fees. Additional payments may be required upon qualification and/or decision to attend off-season meets.

Closed Dates


September 4th – Labor Day

November 11th – Veteran’s Day

November 23rd – 26th – Fall Break

December 23rd – January 7th – Winter Break


January 15th – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Day

February 19th – President’s Day


May 27th – Memorial Day

June 19th – Juneteenth

July 3rd – 8th – Gym Closed for Summer Break​​

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