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The Xcel program is a path for gymnasts of all levels who wish to improve their skills and compete in a fun, stress-free environment. Unlike many other sports such as baseball or soccer, the traditional training program for competitive gymnasts requires years of training before the athlete can start competing. Progression in the Development Program is slow and steady. Until they reach the compulsory levels and start competing, gymnasts often do not directly see how much their hard work is paying off. This can be discouraging for many athletes. The Xcel program was designed to keep gymnasts involved and excited about the sport every step of the way!

Competing in a gymnastics competition is a fun and rewarding way for gymnasts to show how far they have come since they started. Unlike the Development Program, the Xcel program allows gymnasts to start competing almost right away by lowering the skill requirements for the entry levels. The program also has more advanced levels. Being an Xcel gymnast is ideal for entry-level gymnasts and older gymnasts looking for a fun activity to help them stay in shape and be involved in gymnastics without consuming all of their time

Working to get skills needed to compete. 4 In house Meets through out the year  to keep gymnast moving forward with a goal.  All In-house Meets are Team Fundraisers. Youth can wear any leotards they choose. Each Meet is $50. Each Gymnast will earn gift or award.  Gold Team Girls will be judging this events


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Class Schedule 

Monday And Wednesday

Gymnastics Xcel (6+) Mon  6:00pm-8:00pm

Monday ( Floor and Vault )

Wednesday ( Bar and Beam)

Must Try out

Tuesday  and Thursday 

Gymnastics Xcel (6+) Tues  6:00pm-8:00pm

Tuesday  ( Floor and Vault )

Thursday ( Bar and Beam)

Must Try Out

Your Investment

Xcel Team $225   Two days a week

Tuition is based upon an average of 3 classes per month throughout the school year 
You are not charged extra for months with 4 or 5 classes.  Likewise, tuition is not prorated for December when only 2 classes are offered, due to the holdiay/school schedule. Tuition remains the same each month. 

Leotard option 1 Long Sleeve $249

Leotard option 2 Short Leave $129

Black Shorts $29

Long Sleeve Jersey Team  Warm Up Shirt $69

Bag Optional $49

Team Shoes White Converse High Tops Optional 


How to Register  Starting June 1st 2023


Jan 6 /7 ,2024  Golden State Classic  Madera  

165.00 Due Oct 1

Jan 14/15, 2024  San Francisco Classic 13/14

 165.00 Due Oct 1

Feb  16/19. 2024 Vegas Mega  Meet Invite     

165.00 Due Nov 1 

March 2/3 2024  Delta Classic Lodi Ca .          

165.00 Due Dec 1

March 16/17 Nor Cal Bronze State Meet.  

277.00  by March 10th   Location TBD

April 6/7  Local Nor Cal Silver / Gold State Meet  

277.00 .00 Due by March 10th. Location TBD

April Regionals. Price will very based on location and the amount of gymnast attending this event. . 

Gymnast must go to 2 meets to qualify for the state meet for 2024 season moving forward. 

Competition Fees:

Competition fees are made up of meet entry fees, coaches’ travel, expenses, session pay, and any other costs associated with competing for the season. The total cost for the season is estimated and divided among competing gymnasts to come up with a flat-rate fee for each gymnast. Coaches’ fees will not be itemized, are not tied to any one specific meet, and are non-refundable. The amount will vary each year depending on the projected yearly meet season budget and the number of total kids competing.

State, Regional, and National entry fees/coaching expenses and additional off- season meets are not likely to be covered by these fees. Additional payments may be required upon qualification and/or decision to attend off-season meets.

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